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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you tell exactly how much the plumbing job will charge me in case?

In our many years of experience in the plumbing business, we have discovered that our customers and clients want to have a precise cost based on the exact plumbing issue. Majority of phone quotes are subject to change by the time the service technician was able to see or asses the job. Shield Plumbing Texas City don’t think that this thing is fair for you. Through enabling us to assess your plumbing issues in person, you are allowing us to see and understand exactly what it takes to get the work done.

How much is plumbing inspection?

Shield Plumbing Texas City provides a complimentary check up to all residential and commercial needs. Form home, schools, businesses, and hospitals as well as other organizations encountering from continuous drain clogs and plumbing issues. As being part of the no obligation checkup, we proudly present our plumbing experts who are able to conduct a walk through and inspection of your bar, kitchen, restroom and other systems and facilities. Our inspection, combined with a good preventive maintenance schedule will make sure that your drainage and plumbing systems are working. In fact, our technicians could install different system such as auto-injection that could lessen grease-related issues that could lead to clogged drains.

I need a good plumber right away. Whom do I call?

The Shield Plumbing Texas City has all the expert and trusted technicians accessible especially for emergency calls. We are able to assess and fix your plumbing issues right away. What you just need to do is to grab the phone and call us at this number (713) 489-9037 and our team will answer. In addition, most of the times, we could help prevent the emergency you have right over the phone and if we can’t, we will send a technician to you immediately.

Do I really need an experienced plumber to come to my property to clear a clogged drain?

Certainly and here is the reason why. You possibly don’t know all the stuff that a plumber knows. We are highly skilled and very versatile craftsmen. We are capable in installing and repairing plumbing and pipes issues; assess clogged-drain issues and fix all issues that are related to your water systems within your building. Conducting a Do it yourself solutions are perfect when they work, however your insurance policy might not cover the flood losses when you begin to make a mistake.

What sets your company apart from other plumbing services?

The thing, which sets us apart from the other competition out there is that our dedication to ongoing education and training in the latest plumbing tools and techniques. These allow us to perform better work for all our customers. Our technicians and plumbers get technical training; however, we are also the leading when it comes to customer service training. This denotes that you are rest assured that a professional, courteous and friendly lumber will serve you at your door, each time. Call us and you will see that services is our main priority.

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