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Faucet Repair Service By Shield Plumbing Texas City

Faucet Repair

This can happen to any of us any time, no matter where we are in the house–the kitchen or shower room, or even in our backyard.  There could be a problem with the faucet. This can range from no water coming through to not being able to close the faucet, and too much water coming through it.  Maybe the faucet falls apart in your hands and the room starts to flood. It may be an annoying dribble that simply will not stop not matter how hard you pull at the faucet. If you have an emergency faucet repair or outdoor faucet repair need, Plumber Texas City is on call all the time.  We are based in Texas City, TX.

Shield will get to you as soon as possible and fix the problem. Costs will be kept to a minimum.  There will be no hidden charges. It may be the case that you will need a new faucet or a whole set for the bath room.  Faucets can wear.  There are moving parts that might need to be replaced. The modern faucet has come a long way from the original screw based faucet or tap that was first invented in the mid 19th century.  Infrared sensors or similar systems are often found in new public restrooms or toilets.  These rely on you moving your hand across a sensor to activate a flow of water.  We can deal with all these different systems. Our faucet repair service ranges from dealing with an emergency through to providing new solutions.

Outdoor Faucet Repair – Repair for All Faucet Types

We can easily cater to all the new changes in faucet design.   Aerators are used on the out flows of faucets to control the flow of water and to help prevent a sudden splurge from it; thus, saving water. There is a range of different seals in place–plastic ceramic and the traditional rubber. Each has its advantages and disadvantages.  This will depend on the sediment you might have in your water supply. If you have good general skills and feel confident enough, you can have a go at your faucet or outdoor faucet repair yourself. Obviously, you need to make sure that the main water supply is turned off.  In a shower room, check to see if the shower is working or not. To take the faucet apart, you will need the correct wrench or pliers.  Make sure the whole faucet or tap is dry.  Mop and dry with a clean cloth. If there is a problem with a dripping faucet, chances are you have a worn gasket or washer in it. Make sure you get the right gasket in to replace the old one, then carefully reassemble the whole faucet.

The next stage is to obviously test the faucet.  If there is still a problem, get in contact with us at Shield. This is especially the case if you have made matters worse. This is not the only plumping problem you may have to deal with. Please contact us if you have any worries.

Outdoor Faucet Repair and Other Services

We offer a number of other services at Shield Plumbing in Texas City, TX.  Piping can cause problems. There are pipes that supply the water to your faucets, showers, and toilets. Then there are the waste water drainage pipes. You may start to notice a drop in water pressure and water flow in your system.  There could be a number of reasons for this. Tree roots in your garden or further out could be encroaching on your piping.

A lot of Texas is a hard water state.  This means a lot of the natural rocks are either limestone or chalk, which will result in calcium and magnesium being added to the water supply.  Softeners can be added to it, but there could be a steady “furring” up of piping, especially in older pipes. This will lead to restricted water supply.  This, of course, will eventually cause a burst pipe. Deposits can start to form along baths and showers, plus this does not do any favors to your hot water system. Our experts may give you the option of re-piping your whole property.  The original cost will be more than offset by the reduction in constant emergency calls to your plumbers. We offer the option of either using galvanized steel piping or using Ace Duroflo pipes.  A further problem in some areas is land movement in different parts of Texas. You need a flexible piping system that can cope with these periodic movements.

Faucet Repair – Blocked Drains

A real nightmare would be blocked drains.  Water is simply not draining away from your kitchen sink or your shower. There could be a number of reasons for this. If this is due to tree roots encroaching on the drainage pipes, we have a special tool which can deal with this.  We can send a special rod with cutting tools at the end to slice through any roots that might have broken through into your pipes.  Oil and grease from the kitchen can find its way along drainage pipes. This horrible goo can be removed.  It could even be caused by small children dropping objects down the toilet or into the external drainage.  Whatever it is, we can clear it. We have the means to do this at Shield.

You may start having problems with your water heater.  It may be producing so much water or taking long to heat up. This could be down to hard water “furring up” heating elements. Whatever the reason, we will be able to sort out the problem. Please note that if we do not repair the water tank heater on the day specified, we will offer a free repair service for the next 90 days. We will be well aware of your budget; there will be no extras or hidden charges.  Shield is familiar with all the major brands of water tank heater. We aim to restore your system to the original “factory setting.”