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Sewer Line Service By Shield Plumbing Texas City

Sewer Line Cleaning and Maintenance

The age-old saying “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” has never been more true than in the case of sewer problems. At Texas City Plumbing, a few hundred dollars’ worth of sewer line inspection service will save you from spending thousands of dollars on a major sewer line repair. If you’re a homeowner and experiencing clogged drains or toilet, it’s best to call a plumbing service to figure out what is causing the problem. Don’t wait until the problems get worse. A ruptured sewer line is not only costly. It’s an ugly and smelly problem.  It’s also a health and sanitation issue. It’s a major problem that could have been prevented by simple sewer line cleaning.

For homeowners with houses that are over twenty years old, it’s also most likely that you need a sewer line repair. Over time, sewer pipes get old and break. Sometimes tree roots seep into the pipes and cause them to rupture. Wherever you are in Texas City, Shield Plumbing can come to your home and do an inspection.  Before you buy a house, it is also best to ask if the owners have had a recent sewer line inspection and sewer line cleaning. Plumbing services are not cheap, regardless of where you live in the U.S. This will prevent you from dealing with any nightmare sewer problem after you move in. Selling your home? We’ll make sure that your sewer line is in good working condition so you don’t have any future liabilities.

Solve Your Drainage Problems – Sewer Line Repair

There are warning signs you should watch out for when it comes to sewer problems. When you hear gurgling sounds coming from the drain or when you see dirty water backing up out of your sink or bathtub, don’t ignore them. As mentioned earlier, it’s better to deal with these problems right away instead of waiting for them to get worse.  Schedule a sewer line inspection with Shield Plumbing so we can immediately do damage control through cleaning.

Sewer problems caused by blockages can be found either in the main sewer line or private line that connects your home to the main line, which is maintained by your city. If the sewer blockage is happening in houses in an entire area, call your local authorities. Otherwise, let Shield Plumbing take care of your sewer line’s cleaning and repair to get rid of clogging or backing up in the toilet, sink or other drain of your house. After you have had your drainage problem fixed, be sure to practice a few habits to ensure that your drain doesn’t clog again. Proper care of your drain is needed to avoid any recurring sewer problems. For example, don’t flush things such as diapers or napkins in the toilet. If you have kids, keep an eye out on them flushing small toys or items that might clog the toilet. Sink pipes can also get clogged if you dump large quantities of grease and fat down the drain. They harden and create blockages over time.

Sewer Line Inspection – Sewer Line Cleaning

Shield Plumbing offers the best services in the cleaning and repair of sewer lines in Texas City, TX. But to find out if your sewer pipes do need cleaning or repair, we need to do a sewer line inspection first.  Call us and schedule an inspection immediately. Our lines are open 24/7. Within approximately an hour, Shield Plumbing technicians will find the problem that is causing your drains to clog or back up.  We use the most modern and reliable video equipment to visually inspect the interiors of the pipelines. Our camera operators will analyze what’s going on as the inspection is being done.  At the same time, the entire inspection is recorded and saved for review. From there, we can recommend what type of sewer line cleaning to do. In case of damage, we can also offer you different types and recommend the best repair service for your particular problem.

The video inspection will also tell us what exactly is causing the clogging or backing up of water in your drains.  The most common causes include grease build-up, tree roots or old pipes. Grease build-up in the sink due to dumping of food in the sink or soap build-up in the shower occur over time.  Tree roots growing into the pipes, causing the pipes to clog or break are also a common problem. In older houses, clay pipes and cast iron pipes that have broken are often the cause of the problem.  Whatever the problem is, we have the solution.

The Best Sewer Line Repair in Texas City, TX

Shield Plumbing in Texas City, TX is known as the best cleaning and Repair Company for many reasons. First, we have business stability. We have been operating in the city for decades so when you deal with Shield Plumbing, you are dealing with a name that you can trust. Second, all our plumbers are state-licensed and insured. We realize you need a trustworthy partner so we make sure the people we send to your homes are not only experienced but have the proper paperwork to perform their job. We even encourage you to ask for proof of their license and insurance before they perform cleaning and repair services.

When you choose to work with us, you can be assured of transparency as well.  As we all know, plumbing services can be expensive but they don’t have to be. Talk to us about your billing worries. Together, we’ll discuss the most appropriate, safest, and least expensive option for you. Locals have depended on us because we are a reliable and efficient plumbing company. We make sure that the time to do cleaning or repair does not drag on. Our long list of satisfied customers also attests to the quality of our fixtures.  Our years in the plumbing industry have enabled us to deal with all kinds of sewer problems. For your peace of mind, call us today. From sewer line inspection to cleaning or repair, we will be your one stop plumbing solutions provider.