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Hot Water is an important commodity

Gone are the days when hot water is just deemed a luxury bath. Today, having hot water available 24/7 is a necessity. Can you imagine waking up in the morning, preparing yourself for work, and when you hit the showers, you realized that your water heater is not working? Can you just imagine taking a cold shower in that icy weather? Of course not. Your first thought would probably be, is there a water heater repair near me?

It is urgent to have your water heater repaired immediately so that you can go back to your usual routine.  Even if you have the most sophisticated water heater system installed, with the everyday access it has to go through, it is still subject to wear and tear.   Your water heaters can malfunction at any moment, and when it does, you can expect the utmost inconvenience. This amazing hardworking equipment needs that professional repair service to ensure that it is in good hands. Forget about doing a DIY of water heaters repair. Some parts of this sturdy equipment need to be handled by professionals; otherwise there are consequences that might happen, which range from injuries, further damage to the equipment, and additional cost, not to mention a lot of time is wasted. Park your MacGyver hat and toolbox, hand over the job to us as we know exactly what caused the problem. We will fix that broken water heater in  no time. Our team of professional plumbers at Plumbing Texas City will get your hot water running for you again.

Need Water Heater Repair Near Me – Common problems

What are the common problems that you could encounter with your heater? For some, their heater might be giving them hotter water that is to hot too handle.  The first thing that you could do is to check your thermostat and see if the temperatures is right where you want it to be.  Turn it to a cooler setting and wait for several minutes if its works.  If it didn’t work and you can hear sounds of boiling water inside the heater, it might not be shutting itself off at the set temperature.  The temperature pressure relief valve might not be working and should be repaired or replaced. This valve is responsible for keeping the water temperature at the preset ones. Have it repaired right away to prevent injuries such as scalding the skin of the person who would unknowingly turn on the shower. Another common problem is discoloration or if there is a strange smell that comes with tit.  Test the water when it’s both cold and hot. If the smell is still there even if it is cold already, it could be the source of water. Minerals such as copper and iron might find their way into your faucet, this can cause the color change and the smell. If it only smells bad when heated, have your equipment checked right away.  The anode rode in your heater might need replacement; do not attempt to replace it yourself. We will be more than happy to assist you in all your water heaters repair, installation and maintenance service needs.

Why have your water heaters repaired by a professional?

While you may be inspired to be a handy man with your tool box, set that thought aside and let us do all the dirty work for you. Certain parts of your heater need special tools and men who are trained to use them to come up with an effective and efficient repair service. Having it repaired by professionals will be a one-time cost; it will save you from additional costs that might rise up in the event a DIY failed. In worse cases, your DIY can do further harm to the equipment.  On the first sign of malfunction, call us right away. Neglecting to address this problem can result in a higher electric bill. As your heater struggles to function normally amidst any broken or worn out parts, more electricity is generated. This can reflect a rise in your utility bills.  If your equipment is well maintained as well, you can expect more efficient functioning; thus, a lower water bill. It will give you the peace of mind, especially for heaters with gas lines concerned. Having it repaired by a professional will make you confident that the procedure is carried out professionally and safely and will ensure you that your property is in good hands. You will also be getting quality and consistent hot water supply with no interruptions. Give us a call right away and we can send in a free quote for you!

Are there any water heater repair near me?

For any of your water heater need–repairs, replacement, installation and maintenance–your local water heater repair service will be more than happy to assist you.  Our company.  Shield Plumbing has been in the business for several years. We have a list of satisfied clients who are happy with the services that we provide. Our team of licensed technicians have experiences in an array of problems pertinent to water heaters, whatever the brand and model of the device is. They know the exact cause of the problem when an assessment is done, and they can give the best option for repair. We are client centric and we keep our clients in the loop on the current situation of their equipment. We offer the most affordable rates in the metro. Since delaying repair is largely caused by sky high fees, we make our service affordable to our clients while providing   them efficient and fast repair. We understand the value of hot water in your everyday lives and we work fast to let you get back to your regular routine. We use special tools to address your problem, and all our expert technicians are well equipped to use them. We send our team to various seminars and trainings to update them on the latest in the industry. Got a question for them? They will be glad to answer you. If you are asking yourself, is there any water heater repair near me, call our friendly customer service. They can answer your queries. They can also help you set an appointment for assessment. We will be right there on your doorsteps to fix that water heater immediately.